If your pet is currently having an emergency after our normal office hours, then call 780-853-5904.

You will be patched through or given a number of the veterinarian that is on call.

Some people ask us: What happens when my pet needs to stay overnight? Is there someone at the clinic at all times through the night?

We do sometimes have the need to keep pets overnight due to ongoing care. These pets are cared for in the hospital overnight according to their individual needs. Our veterinary staff is careful to assess animals to see what level of care is required and make the necessary arrangements for ongoing care. If your pet requires such intensive care that he or she can not be left alone, then we work hard to make arrangements with you for referral to a 24 hour intensive care facility such as Guardian Veterinary Centre or University of Saskatchewan’s Western College of Veterinary Medicine.

Thankfully, most patients can be managed without this level of intensive care requirements.

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