Notice to Pet Owners of Wainwright: Be Careful With Chew Toys

Fractured Teeth Pets        fractured teeth pets wainwright

Common problem items include bones, nylon bones, antlers, cow hooves, rocks and ice cubes.

Some side effects of chew toys can include:
-worn teeth
-fractured teeth
-soft tissue trauma

Indestructible Toys are not always as resistant as you think.

Given the right dog and the right object plastic toys that are supposed to be resistant to chewing can be torn or fragmented into sharp pieces.

Note: You won’t always be able to tell that teeth or fractured or that gums are injured. Most people would assume that a dog would stop chewing if there was “pain in its mouth”, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Fractured teeth can lead to infection at the root and destruction of bone and depending on location of the tooth-this can erode a HOLE in the bone and result in excessive bleeding, or nasal discharge because the infection has spread from the tooth into the nasal cavity or sinuses.
Some of these problems are not easily fixed with just tooth extractions-sometimes reconstructive surgery is required.

So to put this in perspective for you: Most of the dogs you own will not have issues that are severe or life threatening but the problem may result in pain, loss of teeth, and significant financial strain depending on the situation. It is a risk benefit analysis or every client.

This is just a heads up-giving you “something to chew on”.

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