I am often asked, should I get pet insurance for my pet.

The answer is absolutely yes, and even for indoor cats. Almost weekly I am confronted with owners who are unable to afford appropriate care for their animals, not because they don’t care, but because personal financial stresses make it impossible.

This is truly heart breaking to me and heart breaking for the owners.

Pet Insurance gives you peace of mind. If there is a problem you do not have to feel guilty because your current financial situation does not allow for the resources you need.
Most people can find a way to afford some, even basic, pet insurance. Let’s face it, when money is always tight, it is easier to deal with a small monthly payment than a big crisis.

There are pet lending companies that can finance you in this situation, but their interest rates are often high and they need you to have a good credit rating-which is often a problem in these situations.
There are many companies out there, so you have to check them out. As with all insurance you need to find a balance between coverage and affordability in your individual situation.

Here is a link to help you decide what works best for you.

This is a wonderful article on another veterinarians perspective on whether or not you need pet insurance.

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