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Pet Insurance Wainwright

I am often asked, should I get pet insurance for my pet. The answer is absolutely yes, and even for indoor cats. Almost weekly I am confronted with owners who are unable to afford appropriate care for their animals, not because they don’t care, but because personal financial stresses make it impossible. This is truly […]

Dog Flu Should Wainwright Alberta Pet Owners be Concerned

Canine influenza is an emerging disease that needs continued surveillance but fortunately, at this time, is of minimal concern in Canada. That is good news for Wainwright Pet Owners but you should be informed as every year there are different areas in the United States that have outbreaks and as we all know , dog […]

Notice to Pet Owners of Wainwright: Be Careful With Chew Toys

         Common problem items include bones, nylon bones, antlers, cow hooves, rocks and ice cubes. Some side effects of chew toys can include: -worn teeth -fractured teeth -soft tissue trauma Indestructible Toys are not always as resistant as you think. Given the right dog and the right object plastic toys that are […]

Holiday Hazards for Pets

Festive Decorations Ornaments Tinsel Ribbons Wrapping/tissue paper Extension cords Christmas lights Liquid potpourri Potpourri candles Parcels containing foods The main concern when it comes to the decorations that are put around the house, outside and inside, are obstructions that can be caused from ingestion. Secondary concerns could include digestive disturbances or toxicity. Holiday Feasts & […]

Declawing Your Cat

There is an active and ongoing debate about declawing cats. We understand that there are circumstances under which this procedure may be the best choice for you. We just want to make sure you have the “Whole” story. Although we do not perform feline declaws here at Wainwright Veterinary Services for the reasons we will […]

Case Study – Miss Hoover

Miss. Hoover was a young Boston terrier who was brought into the clinic presenting with diarrhea that had been ongoing for 2 days. Vaccine history was incomplete. Due to her age, she had only received the first in a series of DA2PP vaccines. Upon arrival, Miss Hoovers’ feces were tested using a commercial ELISA snap […]